Castle Fitzjohns’ primary objective is the acquiring and brokering of secondary market blue chip works.  We specialize in seeking out specific and elusive pieces, that generally are not even openly for sale. 


We provide access to collections from all over the world, ranging from the most prominent and well known to the obscure and rare. 


We also actively seek to acquire works spanning from the 19th century to present that possess impeccable provenance and authentication.


Private sales via Castle Fitzjohns presents numerous benefits over auction including:


  • Significantly lower commissions

  • Anonymity

  • Sale price dictated by seller

  • Time frame, it can take up to 12 months to realize funds from an auction consignment, many of our transactions are completed within fourteen days

  • Our buyers are collectors, not dealers. You will achieve market value, if not more, for a desirable work.


In the last 12 months we have acquired and or brokered sales on works by the following artists:


  • Basquiat

  • Warhol

  • Twombly

  • Monet

  • Picasso

  • Klein

  • Lichtenstein


Please contact for a more in depth explanation of our services.