"On the Origin of Species"


Angela China
Sean Sullivan
Francisco De Parajo

Evolve or die, is the basic premise of Darwinism. Outside of the biological, Darwin's  evolutionary model is not so applicable and extreme, but what about Art? History shows us undoubtably, that as an artist, if you are not evolving, re-inventing and adapting, you are left out of the pages of art history. The ones that are remembered  were at the forefront of individual artistic evolution, leaving their mark forever on the species going forward. If Picasso were a fish for example, he would have been the first guy crawling out of the ocean up onto the beach forcing his lungs to breathe air! 

"On the Origin of Species" features four artists who have demonstrated an extremely uncommon ability to successfully evolve over a short period of time. All four had very modest urban/street art roots in some form or another, but all have managed to adapt and evolve their work to the point where major public installations, museum shows,  important collection placements, and sell out shows are the norm. 

Opening April 19th 7pm - 10pm, 98 Orchard St, NY, NY 10002

Show runs until May 20th