Jamel Shabazz    James Weber   Hassan Kinley    

    Erica Simone    Raphael Avigdor    Ed Emrich


     Opening reception Thursday March 23rd, 6pm - 9pm

Today we all carry cameras, we're all photographers right? So what does it mean in this day and age to  be a photographer in the true sense of the title? What does it mean to see our visual world as something you want to capture, manipulate and adjust, as a way of life. If everyone with a phone is a photographer  how does one stand out?  

"iphotographer" features six artists with vastly different interpretations and methods of capturing life through a lens. One can easily see from the diversity of techniques and results, that the ability to be a photographer comes from within, it is the imagination, creative talent and unique vision of the shooter that's important, not what they're shooting with.

You may have the ability to take a photograph, that doesn't make you a photographer.