Guy Stanley Philoche



Guy Stanley Philoche’s Haitian background causes Jean-Michel Basquiat to come to mind, yet his art is more reflective of Mark Rothko’s raging passion and Barnett Newman’s minimalist space. Philoche was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and at the age of three he immigrated to Connecticut with his parents.
“Untitled Series” created by Philoche shows luscious and resonant fields of paint. This series focuses on utilizing a simple yet strict structure to create a sense of balance and symmetry.  The basic composition relies on this grid of sorts to formally contain these ethereal, ephemeral worlds.  These visual partitions create a window-like composition out of the picture plane, allowing the viewer to peer into the decadent haze of Philoche’s strokes. His artwork has been referred to as beautiful organization of chaos. Philoche hopes that the viewer takes from these works an understanding of his view of the simplicity of elegance and beauty.
“Game Series” Philoche’s latest is inspired by joyful childhood memories with his family. “Every Sunday we gathered for dinner.”  Afterwards, the board games came out.  As Guy explains; “when playing monopoly there were many “side deals” exchange of monies and ideas, these were fun, bonding times.” In the Game series the canvases are made to look worn, well used, right down to teeth marks. To achieve this look Guy uses a distressed color palette and textures the canvases with dents, cracks and tears. The goal is to evoke nostalgia, warm memories of shared times with friends and family.
“No Comment Series” is Philoche’s exciting new vision that represents all women of society without voices and have barriers.
Philoche is a true giver; he is an active member of numerous Foundations, such as American Cancer Society, Kids With Cameras, My Language Project, Lukemia Foundation, Artrageous, Harlem Arts and Theater, and Tibet House.  
Philoche currently lives and works in New York City.




BFA, Paire College of Art, Hamden, CT
MFA, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Solo Shows:

2013 DTR Modern Gallery, NY
2012 260 Bower Gallery, NY
2010 Coleman Burke Gallery, NY
2009 James Oliver Gallery, Philly PA
2008 Dua Gallery,New York, NY
2007 C.A.S. -Catskills, NY
2007 Point of View Gallery, New York, NY
2006 Artcore Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 Lyssa Morgan Gallery, Tampa , FL
2006 Art Gotham Gallery, New York, NY
2004 Philosophy Box Gallery, New York, NY
2000 Koening's Gallery, Hamden, Connecticut
1998 Lazo's Gallery, Monroe, Connecticut

Group Shows:

2013 Arthur T. Kalaher Fine Art, South Hampton NY
2012 260 Bower Gallery, NY
2010 Muriel Guépin Gallery, NY
2009 Michel Allen Gallery, New York, NY
2009 Globe Dye Works; Layers, Philly, PA
2008 Art Gotham ,New York, NY
2007 RARE Gallery, New York, NY
2007 Milk Gallery, New York, NY
2006 Petra Projects, New York, NY
2006 Mike Bolen Gallery, Napa Valley, CA
2006 Artrageous Auction
2005 Zone Chelsea Gallery, New York,NY
2005 323 Gallery, Soho, NY
2005 Art Gotham Gallery, New York, NY
2005 Lyssa Morgan Gallery, Tampa, FL
2004 Miller Gallery, Albany, NY
2003 Eldridge Street Project Auction, New York, NY
2001 Untitled Space, New Haven, Connecticut
2000 Open Studio Showing, New Haven, Connecticut

Corporate Collections:
Red Alder Investment, New York
First Eagle Fund, New York
Barclay Investment, CAL
First Mark Capital, New York
Davis & Gilbert LLC, New York
Deutsche Bank, New York
Barclay Investments, New York
Vernon Brown & Company, Inc. New York
Merrill Lynch, New York
Light House Investments, New York
SunNova Capital LP., New York
Alexander Suslensky LLC, New York
ABC Windows Incorporated, Inc Chicago Illinois
Switco LLC, Hamden, CT
Axman Chiropractic Office, Hamden,CT

Monopoly Properties
Monopoly Properties
No Comment Aubrey
No Comment Aubrey