"GumShoe Exposed"

Live Studio

An Artist in Residence at
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery



We are excited to announce our new residency program!!! Creating a unique oppurtunity for people to  interact with an artist while they create a body of work in the gallery The month of August we are proud to feature New York street artist GumShoe. Each component of a piece of art is as unique as a thumb print; the way the medium is applied, the brush strokes, the composition, etc.  When looking at a piece of art, no matter what the subject, you are in essence looking at the artist's self portrait; a piece of an autobiography.When you step into an artist's studio, you are stepping inside that artist’s mind.  Every nook and cranny, every placement of every paint brush; every sketchbook and every light fixture is a personified thought of a private diary.“Exposed” is an artist residency, meant to expose the process behind the madness, allowing viewers to get one step closer to understanding the depth of the creative mind.