"Expired. NYC" by Conrad Stojak


"EXPIRED, NYC" shows us the cultural history of NYC over the last few decades through the eyes of a native New Yorker. Queens born and bred Stojak uses derelict parking meters to house his unique dioramatic narratives, from the seedy to the hedonistic and everything else in between. 

Stojak originated the concept over three years ago, when as a street artist he decided to turn the ugly broken parking meters in his neighborhood into fun works of art. He'd work through the night, wearing a fluorescent jacket to seem official, until his creation was ready for the public to enjoy the next day (generally only a day as the city would soon take the offensive meter away).  Click for a great segment from NY Daily News about the project 

After much battling/negotiating the city decided to donate a bunch of out of commission meters to Stojak's cause. Now the series is ready for it's debut.  The show runs until the end of October, please respond to this email for a catalog of works available.